About empowered Magic

Empowered Magic was founded in 2023 as a safe space to find, learn and even rediscover the tools within that help to unlock your own magic. This magic is what you will use to create your own sense of freedom.

When setting up Empowered Magic, my mission was to help others from all walks of life. We are constantly bombarded with quick fixes and medications that promise to find freedom or “meaning of life”. My mission is to help empower people by creating empowering gifts, bespoke packages and providing tools and services that will move you away from hoping to find empowerment and freedom, to creating it.

Empowered Magic is not a simple shop with items that are one-size-fits-all. Each reading, each service, each conversation, each item is bespoke and personalised to each and every customer.

About Me (Amy)

Like so many others, I have ventured through both the ups and the downs of life. I have battled and recovered from severe illnesses. I have overcome abuse. I’ve loved and lost love. I also have Fibromyalgia and CFS. Even when life appeared to have reached rock-bottom, two things that kept me going: my son and my hope.

After my role as Mum, my calling in life is to help people. I want to use the magic, love, kindness and knowledge that I once used, to help others in a safe, friendly and authentic way. My purpose is to to help people smile, authentic and most importantly, feel empowered to create a life which is meaningful and magical.

Outside of Empowered Magic, I am Mummy to a little boy, a Positive Psychology Coach as well as a lover of candles!