What do you think of when you hear empowerment?

Imagine a life where you could wake up and feel excited for what the day has to bring. A job which you love every second of, yet equally love coming back home to an environment of love and comfort. Imagine being comfortable in who you are and where you want to go next? Living life free from fear, judgement or negative self-talk. Picture a life knowing you could achieve anything you set out to. You have fully harnessed your inner power to create a life that you love.

Imagine, simply just being you and feeling so empowered…

1. Are you ready to take those first steps?
2. Are you ready to answers questions about who you are?
3. Are you ready to feel inspired, motivated and your actions affirmed?
4. Are you ready to feel free?
5. Are you ready to take back power over your own life?
6. Are you ready to feel empowered?

I have been there, and in the world we live in, there are still some days where I listen to others and listen to the world a little too much. I’ve lived in my own head rent-free. I struggled being so caught up in my worries and fears that I stopped, or worse, didn’t even start a project. I have felt low and powerless, unable to take charge of my own life.

How can Empowered Magic help me?

My mission with Empowered Magic is to help others take their first steps onto their empowerment journey using a combination of tools and services, teaching, coaching, and even inspiring and empowering gifts. As I said before, empowerment is a journey. The items I create and the services I provide are not a fix-all. They are simply the first steps, the first tools which help you remember just how powerful and magical you are.

Everything that I offer through Empowered Magic can be used as a pick and mix style. Some people only feel their most empowered and in tune when they are in a guided journal session, with full concentration, whereas others can get that little boost they need everyday just by waking up to a message or a piece of artwork with an inspiring image on. If you are like me, you may find that you are drawn to a variety of tools which help make you feel empowered, and want the complete package! However you work best, there is one thing I would love for you to remember.

The Empowerment Experience

You are the magic. Even if life has taken you through turns, or you don’t quite yet have the money to build the home of your dreams, or etc etc….You are still the magic and eventually you will be able to step into your empowered shoes and life as the version of you that yesterday you had longed to.

And that journey, my empowerlings, started today.

The full Empowerment Experience will consist of email or text-based coaching, offering you knowledge, advice, coaching techniques and activities as well as an accountability partner all intertwined with magic and tarot.

For more information about the upcoming Empowerment Experience, why not contact me today.