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Payment Options

We accept most credit, debit cards and also PayPal payments.  All card payments are made securely through the PayPal, where all payments are dealt with through their secure server, we use PayPal to process our payments because it is safe and secure for our customers.  Even though we use PayPal to process credit and debit card payments, you do not need a PayPal account to pay.  We are proud to be a verified PayPal business.

Refunds & Exchanges

Shop Items

If you wish to receive a refund or exchange on any of your ordered products please return your item, unopened, unused and in the original packaging within 14 days of the date of your order. If your item is received and has been opened we will not be able to refund you.

We are not responsible for items lost or damaged in the post, or seized by the Customs & Excise in your own country, and we are unable to refund these items. For more information please see our ‘Order Times, Delivery, Postage & Packing’ section.

Please also read the rest of the terms and conditions too as many of your questions maybe answered here and each point on this entire page is also part of the refund and exchange policy. If you have not read our terms and conditions or are not abiding by them then we are not liable to refund or replace as we have been as thorough as we possibly can.

Spells, Readings & Custom Magical Work

Please read the section below regarding refunds for spells and magical work.

Items, Spells & Magical Work

Handmade Items

Our oils and powders prices per 1 small vial at approximately 10ml. Floor washes and waters are sent in a 50ml bottle. Incense mixes are 50ml+. Photos used are for demonstration purposes only and as every item is handmade and then blessed to order they may look different when received. Instructions for our products can be found here. Some of our items are too small or not able to have instructions on them due to their physical nature so please check the product page itself or this link for instructions if you are not sure. If you are still not sure, please contact us.

Your Spell

Our spells are all cast by our shop manager and assisted by her team. She is an experienced hereditary traditional witch (10th generation) and also a fully trained and practising hoodoo & New Orleans Voodoo practitioner. She has worked as a witch for many years, it is not just her path but her complete way of life. She is a published author on the subject and has also been interviewed for many documentaries, films, radio shows etc, as well as being an advisor to films and photo shoots and more. We do not offer photos of spells as we have found these on various internet sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Photographs of spellwork are not sent out, because we do not want our spellwork tainted by outside forces or stolen and put here there and everywhere. Spell updates are not given unless you email and ask. This is because we are constantly focusing on your spells and spells are cast very late at night, in our own time. So if you would like an update, please email and ask for one.

How Magic Works

All magic (whether spells cast by us or anyone else) has no guarantees or time scales in which it works. We work incredibly hard on all of our spells and other custom ordered magical work with a great deal of success and many, many positive testimonials, although so many things can hinder our magical work including personal blocks and blockages from other outside sources. You also have to realise that magic gives you what you need, when you need it, not always what you want, when you want it.  The one thing we will always give you is honesty and the promise to work hard – using many generations of knowledge – on your spells.

Please also be aware that, with spells, you have to be very ‘careful with what you wish for’. Once you order a spell and the spell is cast, there is NO going back. Your intent and ONLY your intent will be the target fuel in the spell. We provide all of the vigils, sundries, spell ingredients, candles, hours of blessings and spell casting but most of all, our energy. Please be very sure on what you want before placing an order. We will NOT be held liable for any outcome of YOUR spell. Whatever you purchase or ask for, you do so at  your own risk.

We are not miracle workers and cannot heal you from serious illness, disability or disease. We would much rather you sought professional medical advice, however, we are more than happy to send you blessings and we offer healing spells that aid your positive approach to your own self healing. Also, if you are being hurt, abused or stalked, we are in no position to physically help you, so please contact the police. However, we can offer magical protection which is something we have done for many years, again with great success. MAGIC IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP AND THEIR ASSOCIATED PROFESSIONALS, OR AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PHYSICAL ABUSE, MENTAL ABUSE SAFETY ADVISERS & EMERGENCY SERVICES SUCH AS THE POLICE.

Cast Times

We have many spells that are 7, 21 or 90 days etc casts. This does NOT mean that your spell will work in this time! It simply means that we cast a spell for you each day for 7 days or 21 days or 90 days etc.

When Your Spell Is Cast & Contacting Us After Your Spell Is Cast

Once your spell has been cast, you will be sent a photo of your spell in process. Please also be aware that we dedicate our own personal time to cast spells. Most of our spell casts are performed during the evening or through the night, once again, always in our own personal time and not ‘work time’. This is when we feel our energy is at it’s strongest and most focused. We have many long term clients that stay with us for monthly magic, some for over 10 years. If you would like to stay in contact with us after your spell has been cast, then we are more than happy for you to email us the occasional update. We do not provide magical or spell support beyond the arrangement, construction and the casting of your spell. With as many clients as we have, it would be unfair to do this as we would not be as focused on your actual spell, but rather answering thousands of emails. Therefore, all of our energy and attention goes towards your spell, which is how it should be.

Please do not contact us if you deem your spell not to be working immediately or how you wanted it to (please see warnings above). We will not tolerate harassment, bullying, persecution, foul language or any other hate mail, postal or physical contact. You have been warned.

Refunds For Spell Work Or Magical Work

Magic does not always work in a perfect way as we have said before: lots of other things in life can affect magic which is why there cannot be any guarantees or time scales and we will not be held liable for any outcomes. Whatever you purchase or ask for, you do so at your own risk. WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS for magic/spells that have already been cast, that you deem not to be working, taking too long to work or working in a different way to that of which you had wished. Please read above warnings. We reserve the right, however, to refund or refuse spells that we do not wish to cast for moral or ethical reasons.

Order Times, Delivery, Postage & Packing

Most orders are sent out within 7 working days as we make our products by hand, to order. They are then blessed and sent out as soon as possible. We do not send proof of postage unless requested and proof of postage is only kept on record for 2 weeks after order has been placed.

UK retail orders should take 2 or less working days to arrive to you AFTER being shipped from us.

International retail orders can take up to 14 working days to be received by the customer AFTER the item has been shipped.

Our postage and packing rate for standard orders is £4 for UK orders and £19.99 for international orders, for wholesale orders postage prices will depend on the size of your wholesale order. We, at all times, try to use recycled packaging. Most orders are sent out within 7 working days as we make our products to order. We do not send proof of postage unless requested and proof of postage is only kept on record for 3 weeks after order has been placed. We use Royal Mail for orders shipped within the UK .  Overseas orders are sent by standard Royal Mail/Parcelforce and are be subject to your own countries delivery and customs and excise checks. We label everything correctly for overseas parcels, however each country has it’s own customs rules and regulations and we are not responsible for any items/orders being delayed or withheld by customs in your country, because of this we cannot guarantee overseas delivery and you make purchases at your own risk if not being delivered to the UK.

Undelivered Items

If items are delivered when you are not at home, Royal Mail will leave a card for you to pick up your order from the local delivery office.  However, on the very rare occasion packages returned to us due to non delivery, they will incur an admin fee of £10 per order.

If you wish to have your order re-delivered, you must contact us within 48 hours to pay the admin fee and then your order will be sent out again and your postage charge invoiced to you.

If you choose to have a refund instead, we will refund the original amount paid for your order minus the admin fee of £10 to cover the postal charges for the original shipping & the returns of the undelivered package.


For your safety, all of our products are sold for magical use only. Keep away from children and pets. When using our products the customer agrees to using at their own risk. Amy and Empowered Magic can not and will not take any responsibility for our products misuse or for any magical work undertaken on your behalf.  What you do with our products or what you have asked for in a magical sense with spells, is up to you and is your responsibility.

We are legally obliged to tell you that due to the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 and the Consumer Protection Regulations that we make no claims as to the efficacy of any of our products or services and that they are for entertainment purposes only.  When using our products or services you (the customer/client) agree to using them at your own risk.   Magic does not always work in a perfect way as we have said before, lots of other things in life can affect magic which is why there cannot be any guarantees or time scales and we will not be held liable for any outcomes. Whatever you purchase or ask for, you do so at  your own risk.

By completing the checkout system on our online shop and paying for your purchase you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to all information, terms and conditions on this page.