Has the mundane life got you down? Perhaps you have fallen off the wagon and in a rut and need a step back up? Or maybe you are a full on experienced witch just in need of a re-jig in the magical department…

I am currently in all three of these categories. As the owner of The Village Witch, it pains me to say that I haven’t been practising my own spells or divination anywhere as near as much as I should or would like to be. But life… Yes… Life got in the way… majorly.

If you have been following our social media, you would have known that earlier this year, my baby witchling was born and whilst I knew that juggling being a mum and a full time owner of a business was going to be tough, the universe really did push me through an ordeal of events!

I am a big believer of honesty is the best policy, which is why I am here to tell you what has happened and why I am now beginning to bring peace back to my relationship with the universe.

So what happened? When I became full time owner of this wondrous shop back in October 2020 after taking over from my Mum, it never occurred to me to prepare for the unexpected, purely because the unexpected was… well… unexpected! My little witchling nearly died and required life saving surgery, and a month after that, my husband at the time of 7 years, suddenly left us and walked out leaving me and said witchling with very little. Shortly after this, I then contracted the dreaded coronavirus and spent 2 weeks testing positive and feeling quite poorly!

It is true… I fell out with the universe big time. I constantly questioned why? Why was all this happening to me, and more importantly, why was the universe doing all this to a defenceless, vulnerable baby. And that was it… one day I just stopped living life the witch I wanted to be.

But not anymore. To you, my gorgeous customers and readers of The Village Witch, I take an oath. I will stand up for what I believe in and make peace with the universe, because today I realise that the universe is only doing what it had to do, perhaps because I didn’t see the warning signs it sent me before.

So how am I getting back onto the witchy train, so to speak? And, if you are in a similar position to me where you have lost your magical mojo, how can you get back on your train too?

  1. Just breathe and open your eyes.

To put it simply, I knew the universe was pretty annoyed at me. So was this shop. I could feel both of them, staring me down and sulking as I continued to move further away from a path I have devoted my entire life to. But this morning, before I wrote this blog post, I put my witchling down for a nap and just sat. I took a big deep breath and said sorry. Sorry to The Village Witch and to my customers. Not because of the products – everything I have done and still do for the shop is made purely out of love, but sorry for not opening up to you all sooner. Sorry to the universe. And most importantly, sorry to myself. Sorry for not understanding, for not seeing, for not believing and lastly for not standing up for what is right. Today, I re-open the gates between me and the universe, and let magic back in. You can do the same too. Magic doesn’t have to be full on rituals that you harness and conquer. Simply just letting yourself be is quite enough!

2. Get those candles on, burn some incense, spray some Aura Spray if you have it.

The first thing I did when I stepped into my lounge this morning, was put my candles on. Sure, it was super dark at 6:55am and I needed some light, not to mention I was freezing and when you have about 10 candles on, the room can soon warm up! But today, I lit my candles as a tiny habit, to create my own light to light my way. I put on my incense and cleansed my room and myself. A tiny action which made me feel incredibly empowered. Sometimes the small things make the biggest difference.

3. Leave the mourning and regret behind.

Before I get stuck into this, I DO NOT mean just stop mourning if you are mourning the loss of a person. Mourning is a natural step and a part of the grieving/healing process.

However, what I do mean is to stop mourning the witchy path you had before and what could have been. I, for so long, beat myself up for not practising personally every day and living like the witch I wanted to be that I felt like an imposter to simply go back. I spent so long thinking about the what ifs of the magical past, that I forgot to then DO and BE in the present. I was living in a world of regret for the time I spent not doing things and lighting my altar everyday, that it made me still not do things I wanted to do. The spells I wanted to cast but never got round to, the rituals and offerings I wanted to give, but felt so energetically empty that I forgot even a simple smile or hello would have been enough. I mourned the witch that I was, which meant I couldn’t step into the witch I am supposed to be today.

So, if you are also in need of a magical refresh, let yourself know today, and I mean today, not tomorrow, not next Monday but today, that the past is the past. There’s nothing you can do now to go back and fix it. Leave the regret behind, because if you don’t start today and create who you want to be, you will regret a whole lot more in a week, a month or even a years time.

4. Don’t find yourself or your path, create one!

My last piece of advice to you and myself, is to just go for it. Long gone are the days where you need to go out on long hikes to meditate and find yourself. What we need to do is create ourselves. We are witches after all. We believe that we can manifest anything we want to right? Isn’t that the whole point of energy work and spells etc… so why not put our own magic to good use and manifest a path and life we want. I am not saying that tomorrow I will live in a quaint cottage in the middle of a retreat commune with my family, but today I will manifest a healthier environment for my witchling to grow up in, one with minimal anxiety and sadness. I no longer need to worry about what my “partner” will think if I get up early to do some meditation and yoga in the mornings or sit by my altar at night. I will manifest a craft that fits my life and that of my son’s and I will do so with the upmost love. And that, is the purest magic of them all!

So my readers, this has been a long post, yet a much needed one. It is about time that I was honest with you and with what has been going on, but it is also about time that I refresh myself, my path and what it means to be The Village Witch.

Love you all – Amy x


  1. I was wondering why there hadn’t been updates recently but having read your post I can completely understand, you have certainly had a rough time and I send lots of blessings and light to you and the little one , remember you a badass witch and warrior , you can do this and the universe has a plan for better things coming, take care , blessed be xx

  2. It was a lovely honest post and i am sure with your determination you will pull through. I do hope your little witchling is better now. You are a great example of positive energy , thank you for opening up xx

    1. Thank you Cheryl! Little Witchling is getting there – although the dreaded teething has started 😉 x

  3. Sending you love and strength. It is so hard being a new first time mum when you have a partner to share it with, but suddenly being on your own must be so incredibly hard.
    Reach out to us fellow first time new mums and Witches. We all find ourselves stopping on our path when we have a little one. There’s no guilt or blame. The Goddess is not angry with you. She understands. We are Her children.
    You are doing really well. It’s hard, but we get it 💓 We got each other 💪

  4. Wow! So sorry you have had such a terrible time, but glad you are ready to be you again. All power, love and light to you. 💖💖

  5. Amy thanks so much for your honesty and openess, this is inspiring and encouraging. Thinking of you and the wee witching xx

    1. I am glad I am have been able to help in some way with being inspiring and encouraging – all I hope to do! x

  6. Waow. I’ve only just come across your website and this blog. Motherhood is hard and I really related to what you wrote 🤔

    1. Well, firstly, welcome to The Village Witch! Lovely to meet you 🙂 And thank you for your comment, I am glad you could relate to it! x

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