Hello Empowered Ones,

Now the website is live, readings are being booked and the first 4 ranges of my new Empowered Hampers being on sale, it is probably overdue to say a big warm welcome to this new venture of mine. Whilst there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know each other through social media, blog posts like this, or even through orders, I just wanted to briefly tell you a little about the mission behind Empowered Magic and what you can expect in the upcoming months.

What is Empowered Magic?

At the forefront, Empowered Magic is an online shop (with in-person readings held at The Lancashire Witch) where Paganism and Spirituality meets Positive Psychology. From tarot readings to gift hampers, each service and product that is offered has both a spiritual/Pagan/natural element and a psychological one. This allows users to work upon and heal both the mind and the soul, rather than simply focusing on one or the other.

Our world currently is consumed by sadness, worry and hatred. However, what we need is hope, love and kindness. Sounds pretty magical, right?

Empowered Magic was founded on the basis of sharing knowledge, self-care tools, coaching methods and pagan practices which is accessible and beneficial to all in a holistic package that functions to empower you both mindfully and spiritually. It was created with the aim to help as many people as possible to find their reclaim their own empowerment and inner magic, so they can begin to live and create a life which branches away from the negative cycles we are stuck within.

How can Empowered Magic help me?

Currently, magical hampers are available, filled with products that have been handmade and imbued with energy to help you recognise how magical you are. Currently, each hamper is based around an affirmation which can be used whenever and however often you need to. It can be done as a part of a pagan ritual, or as a self-care daily practice, they can be used by anyone and everyone who is ready to be empowered.

I also offer a wide range of readings. Sometimes, empowerment comes from reassurance, guidance and belief, which can readily come from opening up the pathways of communication with and understanding of ourselves. Tarot, Numerology, Runes and Astrology all make incredible tools for bridging the gap between our Actual Selves and our Ideal Selves, a concept theorised by Carl Rogers within Humanistic Psychology.

Knowledge is power… A well-known saying which has been used for many a year, and with good reason. Having the knowledge of who we are, what we want to become and how we can utilise our inner power and gifts is a giant leap towards empowerment. Therefore, you will also find courses on Empowered Magic, ready to take you on that journey.

What is to come?

What isn’t to come! I have so many ideas or new products or ranges and readings. Even I sometimes get a little carried away and want to share everything with you now. However, all in due time! As I continue my own empowerment journey, and as Empowered Magic empowers itself, I want to ensure that every single new range, product, gift, reading and service that I offer is at the highest quality it can be.

But I can give a few sneaky hints, surely?! Why not! Over the next few months, I will be working on workbooks that can be used as standalone items, or in collaboration with their matching hamper. These workbooks will be between 35 and 40 pages long (depending on theme), and will contain information, the evidence and the know how behind the hampers, as well as self-care, psychological and coaching tools and pagan practices that can be used over and over again, for many days, months and even years to come.

After the workbooks, every festival of the Celtic Farming Calendar (8 during the year) will host the grand reveal of a new release. I have many more hampers lined up, including themes around peace, sacredness, wisdom and even one that will help you to know when to put boundaries in place. Sometimes saying no, is a very positive and powerful thing! I endeavour to make one off gifts, imbued with magic and intention, that can be placed in your home, serving as a reminder that you are empowered. I also have a variety of new readings lined up!

Last but not least, I will be creating coaching packages where we can work together to build you up and release the magic that is already deep within you. Similarly to the hampers, these will be a combination of both nature based pagan practices and psychological methods and tools to create a well-rounded and meaningful plan for you.

Important Note

As Empowered Magic grows, there is one thing that I will always hold very close to my heart, and that of this site and soon to be community. Empowered Magic is handmade, home-grown and done so with love and the personal touch. None of the products will ever be made using a factory, none of the readings or services will be written by AI. I love nothing more than handmade gifts, the items that are unique and clearly created and curated with love and thought. Therefore, more than anything else, Empowered Magic is and always be, a gift made and sent from me to you.

I think that is enough waffling from me for now! I hope to see you around soon!

Lots of love and magic,


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