Hello Empowered Ones,

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade 😉 How are you all today? I wanted to share with you how I used my lemons, life lessons, knowledge and skills to find my purpose and write a new chapter of my life – the story of Empowered Magic.

My Personal Journey

Before every new journey, new business, new chapter or even a new day, there is a story that has come before hand. Personally, I have been very lucky to live in a household that has always been surrounded by love and magic. Many of my earliest memories have been in nature, surrounded by the calming peace that trees and the fresh air. Not to mention, having a magical family shop was very helpful! Of course, growing up doesn’t come easily and I have certainly had my fair share of difficulties growing up, similarly to many others around, and yet the one thing that always saw me through was my hope in nature/love/faith/the magic or energy of the universe – whatever name you want to give it.

Even now, on bad days, I seek comfort and joy through that same peace and magic the energy of the universe provides. Combined with my own personal research and journey through Positive Psychology and matching interventions, I began forming my own Pagan Positive Psychology to help me to grow and thrive.

The beginning story of Empowered Magic

There gets a point in everyone’s lives where you begin to question everything. Why? Why does this happen to me? Why does it feel like I am being punished? Some people say it is like being cursed, others think it is the cycle of law of vibration and when you are in a low mood, you only then send out low vibrations and get that back in return. After spending ages being in that mindset, something sparked in me. I decided that I would try and see it as a positive. I already knew that there would be other people out there wanting to thrive, wanting to make changes and create their own happiness, but too stuck in negativity to see the end of the tunnel.

Therefore, instead of feeling like I was being punished in some way, I saw it as an opportunity. To take my experiences and the newly formed and adapted interventions and items that I made for myself, and share that with others in the hope that one day I could make a difference and empower someone else to make the switch from sadness to happiness, from feeling trapped to feeling free, and to move from hopelessness to regaining your highest potential power.

Empowered Magic was born – a place where you can gain the knowledge, use affirming and empowering tools with plenty of support and coaching on the way you can find your inner magic again and empower yourself, in the most authentic way to you.

What’s next?

Very soon, I will be releasing some information about a way that you can work with me. I have some new and exciting new readings and products for you to use in your own empowerment journey as well as new courses, new programs and email based services that you can subscribe to whenever you are ready to take back your control.

If you would like to work with me or learn more about Pagan Positive Psychology, why not contact me today!

Lots of love and magic,

Amy x

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